WGMSE as a Working Group on Mathematics and Science

Mathematics and Science

Working groups are established as media to develop knowledge and science more. Through the activities in the working groups, the members work together to conduct more research and organize more activities to study their filed of interest further. One of the groups is WGMSE which is a working group on mathematics and science. Let’s get to know this group:

The Working Group in Short
WGMSE is Working Group of Mathematics and Science. This group was established in November 2014 with an aim of helping MSE programs of AFRICA improve as well as adapt to 21st century challenges. The working group strives to accomplish the goal by supporting its individual, societal, and institutional capacities and also by promoting its regional cooperation in sharing information amongst the member/countries.

The information mostly deals with challenges and also innovative experiences that are successful in MSE. The focus of the working group covers the research and development of primary and secondary teachers. In addition to that, the working group also deals with the scope of various activities including MSE at a pre-service level and also education ministry.

The Objectives of the Working Group
The main goals of WGMSE as a working group from agen sbobet are improving science and mathematics education in many schools in Africa by empowering individual, societal, and institutional capacities in order to advance the learning or teaching of those subjects; giving special attention to girls thru activities that are specially designed within the work program of WGMSE; and promoting regional cooperation thru an activity program that is approved by the steering committees of WGMSE and ADEA.

There are still a lot more information about WGMSE as a working group on mathematics and science. The development of those two fields needs continuous contribution from such working group so that the life of human kind can always be better.

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