Various Papers from John MacFarlane That Will Change Your Point of View

Various PapersJohn MacFarlane is a Professor of Philosophy of University of California, Berkeley. He has made lots of publications related to the field of philosophy and he is one of the prominent figures. If you are interested in the field of philosophy, you can begin with reading the publications and various papers from John MacFarlane that will change your point of view.

Future Contingents and Relative Truth
There are numerous papers by John MacFarlane, but this paper is winning The Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize back in 2002. In this paper, he wants to seek the truth value of utterances. He begins the paper with a question about the truth value of a certain utterance, “there will be a sea battle tomorrow”. It is hard to determine the truth value of the utterance since there will be different kinds of arguments related to the utterance itself. To define the truth value, he uses the formal semantic frameworks of assessment or known as a-contextuality.

Making Sense of Relative Truth
Another paper that will be very beneficial for those who want to know more about the concept of relative truth is this paper. Within this paper, you will be able to learn about the view of truth itself and the assessment to define the truth value of sentences and propositions. In this paper, he wants to argue that a sentence and proposition might be assessment-sensitive and he also wants to argue the relativist’s view about truth. To define the truth value of a certain sentence or proposition, he proposed the assessment sensitivity of epistemic modals, future tense, predicates of personal taste, knowledge attributions, and other constructions.

If you want to gain more insight in the philosophy field, paying attention to the various papers from John MacFarlane will be a good start. You can also join in the upcoming talks to enrich your knowledge.

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