Townsend Center Working Group in Its Effort of Giving Back to Community

Townsend Center Working Group

Townsend Center Working Group is one of working groups in the world that focus its activity in the knowledge development in various fields such as history, logic, mathematics, and science. While this working group is organizing its routine events, it also always tries to gives back to the community.

The Giving-Back Programs of the Working Group in General
In general, the Townsend Center Working Group offers an array of grant programs and fellowship that are designed to support scholarship and research at any levels of community in university. The Townsend Center Working Group also funds more than seventy interdisciplinary working groups covering various topics such as Anthropologies, Feminist, Folklore Roundtable, and many other topics. In addition to that, Townsend Center Working Group also provides various public programs such as Una and Avenali’s endowed lectures in the humanities.

Conference and Lecture Grants
One of Townsend Center Working Group’s ways to give back to community is by organizing this conference and lecture grants. This offers small grants for a partial funding of lectures, public conferences, and symposia that take place at UC Berkeley. The funding is aimed for events that are not closed to public and that don’t require any admission fee.

The kinds of events that are funded by this working group are such as professional organizations meetings taking place at UC Berkeley at a one-time basis. Through this grant, the working group always provides awards that take into account the willingness to accomplish equitable awards distribution among the units in the campus.

Townsend Center Working Group has really given back to the community through its funding and a wide variety of public programs covering an array of science topics. Hopefully there will be more and more communities can benefit from this working group for the sake of the development of human’s knowledge.

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