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Some varieties of French cheese

Some varieties of French cheese

see also Cheese/Yummy, Cheese/American and American Cheeses.


Above is not true on several level.

  1. Not eating something does not necessarily mean that you do not like it.
  2. There are a number of vegan cheese substitutes (e.g. Daiya, Sheese, and Teese) which strongly implies the desire, and hence liking of cheese.

My favorite cheese is Brie.

Cheese grows on trees.

I like the help in the left panel.

And I also like some other thing, that I’m describing in a separate edit..

I love awesome cheese almost as much as Tables.

\begin{itemize} \item Gruyere \item St Andre \item Brie \item Munster \item Fermier \item Roquefort \item Gouda \end{itemize}

\(some math\)

And I love French cheese as much as I love Lorem ipsum.

French Cheeses in C++

#include <iostream>
#include "frencheese.hh"
// This code implements an assortiment of French Cheeses in C++.

void beCheesy() {
   FrenCheese gruyere("Gruyère");
   FrenCheese brie("Brie");
   std::cout << "We love " << gruyere.str() << " and "
             << brie.str() << "!" << std::endl;

(French) cheese aside, what about collaborative authoring?

French Tofu

Crazy marked text to show how much we hate love French Tofu Cheeses.
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